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Up-dated 28th October 2020 Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


The team at Camera Clinic is incredibly excited to invite our customers back into our premises in downtown Collingwood

Please read conditions below


For contactless collections please phone on the day you are intending on collecting the equipment with credit card payment and we will send your equipment to the dispatch room down stairs. Ring the door bell and Mauricio or Steven will assist you.




In line with the guidance of government restrictions and in the interest of public safety we have implemented a few necessary protective measures to keep our much valued customers and amazing staff safe during this transition. Contrary to popular belief Melbournians are in actual fact quite safe and not at all scary. We appreciate your cooperation during this time and we sincerely appreciate your patience and your business. A massive thank you to all our customers for their loyal and continual support prior to during and post Covid19.



As you may be aware there is a drop off/pick up service available via our dispatch department
If at all possible we will request our customers utilize this service for collections. Please refer to instructions below on how to do this
Please call our reception for payment of your invoice
Please inform our staff when you intend to collect your equipment and who will be collecting
Please also include if it is necessary to have your equipment boxed and labeled
On arrival in our garage please make contact with our dispatch team or if there is no staff member available please ring the bell and someone will attend as soon as possible



For customers that are choosing to visit  our reception area - please abide by a few simple rules
No mask - No entry
Please sanitize your hands prior to climbing the stairs
Please maintain the 1.5 metre distancing rule - we have capped the customer ratio to no more that 3 people at 1 time in order to maintain this rule
Please where possible keep your visit to a limit of 15 minutes
Please use credit cards/eft cards for payments -  we will not be accepting cash payments at this time
Last but not least - we will not  be able to offer the use of our bathroom facilities at this time - thank you for your understanding