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Battery drain may be caused by several problems/faults.  
Using the incorrect type of batteries for the camera.
Digital cameras require quite a lot of power to run efficiently. The monitor (LCD) and the flash are the two main components that use the highest amount of battery power in a standard digital camera.
Where possible, if you can minimize the use of the LCD by using a viewfinder if available, and also reducing the amount of flash shots by adjusting your settings when shooting conditions allow, you will greatly extend the camera's battery life.
If the camera uses AA batteries we recommend using good quality Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, these will give you the best battery life for your digital camera.
If the battery is not holding charge it may be due to:
The battery charger is faulty
The battery is faulty
The camera is draining excessive current
The camera battery has exceeded it's charge life
If charging is done via the USB, the circuit may be faulty
All of the above can be checked at your camera service center.
Any unit with battery drain we suggest you send the camera in with the battery and charger.