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Auto Focus not working 
The Auto Focus is not working on my camera. Is there anything I can try? 
Self testing:  
Check the camera has not had the auto focus switch turned off. On some model camera’s there is a separate auto focus switch on the camera body.
Check the auto focus switch has not been turned off on the lens.
Try another lens on the camera.
While camera is turned off, remove the lens and clean the body contacts near the bayonet mount.
Apply the same clean the lens contacts at the end on the lens.
Re-set the camera functions, in the menu of the camera there should be a re-set function.  This will re-set the camera back to the manufacture specifications.
Check to make sure the camera focau point is set to center point focus.
If all the above trouble shooting does not eliminate the focus fault you will have to bring/send the unit is for repair/inspection.  
Most digital SLR cameras they have an in-built diopter, if the image is blurred in the view finder but sharp on the display your diopter may not be set to your eye sight.
Check your instruction manual for the position of the diopter and the adjustment method.