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AE Auto exposure
AF Auto focus
AI Automatic index
AI/S     Automatic index/Shutter
AP  Aperture priority
ASA    American Standards Association
ASP  Aspherical lens
AS Anti shake
ASSY  Assembly
APS    Advanced photo system
AWB    Automatic white balance.
BTL Behind the lens
BF Back focus
B&W   Black and White
CA Chromatic aberration
CCD Charge-couple device
CD Compact disc
CMOS Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor
CMS Colour management system
DI Digital imaging
DIA Diaphragm
DOF    Depth of Field
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DZ       Digital zoom
DVD Digital Versatile Disc
EC Exposure compensation
EF Electronic Focus
EOS     Canon EOS - electro-optical system
E-TTL  Evaluative, through-the-lens flash metering  (Canon)
EV       Exposure Value
EVF Electronic view finder
EOS Canon EOS - electro-optical system
FEB Focus editing bracketing
FEC     Flash exposure compensation
FF Full frame
FF Front focus
FPS Frames per second
F STOP Fractional stop
GB Gigabyte
HD Hard drive
HS Hot shoe
HSS High speed sync
IEEE    Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers high speed serial bus standard or firewire
IR Infrared
IS Image stabiliser
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IQ Image quality
JPEG   Joint photographic experts group
LCD Liquid crystal display
LE Long exposure
LED Light editing diode
MB Megabyte
MLU Mirror lock up
MMC Multimedia card
MF Manual focus
MS      Memory stick
NiICd Nickel Cadmium battery
NiMH  Nickel-Metal Hydride battery
NR Noise reduction
OS Optical Stabilisation.
OOF Out of focus
OVF Optical view finder
OZ Optical zoom
PL Positive lock – lens mount
RAW Random Access Memory
SD Secure Digital – card
SLR Single lens reflex
SP Shutter priority
SSFDC Smart media
SRT Shutter release time
SS Shutter speed
SWM   Silent wave motor
TIFF Tag image file format
TFT Thin Film Transistor
TTL Through the lens
RAW Raw Architecture Workstation
USB Universal Serial Bus
USM Ultrasonic autofocus motor
UV Ultra Violet
VR Vibration Reduction
WB White Balance